Beliefs, Mission and Values

What we believe at Apostolic Life about Jesus, the Bible, and the Church

Our Beliefs


We believe that Jesus was 100% human and 100% divine. We believe that He was Mary’s son and Mary’s God, Creator and creature, God manifest in the flesh; that the flesh of Jesus was the same as ours, with the exception that it had no sin; that Jesus was the Eternal Father made visible, apart from whom there is no God.


We fully believe in the mystery of the Godhead, understanding the term to mean all of the fullness of God. There is one God, whose name is Jesus. He revealed Himself in three manifestations: Father in creation, Son in redemption and Holy Spirit in regeneration (salvation). We believe that at the final consummation of all things there will be one God, and that will be our Lord Jesus Christ


We believe that following the acceptance of Jesus as the savior, one must repent of their sins, be baptized in water, in the name of Jesus, and receive the gift of the Holy Spirit as evidenced by speaking in other tongues (Acts 2:1-4).

Future events

We believe the next scheduled prophetic event to occur is the rapture of the church wherein the dead in Christ will be resurrected and caught up in the air, together with those who are alive, to meet Jesus. Following the rapture, the antichrist will be revealed, commencing the seven year tribulation period. We also believe in the millenial reign/thousand years of peace, the great white throne of judgement, the new heaven and new earth period, and eternity.


The true Church is composed of all such persons, who through saving faith in Jesus Christ, have been regenerated by the Holy Spirit and are united together in the body of Christ of which He is the head. Furthermore, the church of God is not racially binary, instead it is made up of all races, creeds and colors. ALC is not a black church, we are a universal church.


We believe that in Christ, there is neither Jew nor Greek, bond or free, man or woman. To this end, we stand firmly against every form of discrimination. We believe that all have sinned and fallen short of the glory of God, and that sinful state necessitated a need for a savior. Thus salvation is indiscriminately available to all.

marriage affirmation

We affirm that marriage is an institution established by God Himself from the beginning of man’s day, commencing with the first marriage between Adam and Eve. Marriage is both a sacred covenant and legal arrangement, and is to be between one man and one woman.


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