About Us

Who we are, what we value, our mission, our vision, and why we exist

Church History


In 1997, it came into Pastor Rader Johnson’s heart to do a work for the Lord. He informed his pastor, Bishop Combs, of his desire, and Bishop told him that he had a year to prepare.


In the spring of 1998, Bishop Harry L. Herman told Pastor Johnson to look in the Saginaw area for a building to open a church. After searching for 6 months with the assistance of 2 realtors, no place of worship could be found. While sitting in bible class one night at his home church, the Lord spoke to his heart and said “sow a seed”. Pastor Johnson thought what better way to do that than through radio. That’s when the present truth radio broadcast was birthed. After much prayer and searching, Pastor found a new Christian radio station in Bay City, MI called WTRK. The owners informed told him that he could broadcast for $25 per week. At the time of the negotiations,

Pastor told the owners that he was in search of a church building. Much to his surprise, the station told him that the church building they were operating out of was for sale. They explained that they hadn’t listed it because they were waiting on God to send the right person.


The owners gave Pastor a tour of the church and when he walked in to the sanctuary, God immediately gave him a vision of people sitting in the chairs. It was at that moment that he told them he wanted the building. He then told the owners that now that he had a church, all he needed was to find a house to move his family into. Once again God amazed him because the radio station owned a house directly next door and said that it comes with the church. Then the Lord spoke suddenly to him and said “Now you have all that you need.”


On October 16th 1998, GBWT held its first service and for 18 years Suffragan Bishop Rader Johnson toiled, labored, sacrificed and worked tirelessly to build a church on a solid foundation. Over the years, Bishop Johnson launched a radio broadcast, television ministry, online ministry, and other tools of outreach and evangelism that proved to be fruitful.


In the summer of 2016, Bishop Johnson's work in Bay City reached its culmination as he was contacted by Greater Bethel Temple in Louisville, KY as a part of their nationwide search for a new Pastor. After watching Bishop Johnson's bible classes on YouTube, he was invited to minister and in late September, he was elected as the 5th Pastor of this historic church.


On October 16th 2016, GBWT held its final service under Bishop Johnson's pastorate; this service happened to be a mortgage burning service. With Bishop Ira Combs officiating, it was an emotional affair as Bishop and First Lady Johnson completed their work in Bay City by celebrating the retiring of the 15 year land contract on the church property. On October 17th, Bishop officially tendered his resignation and on Tuesday October 18th, Elder Phillip Johnson (Bishop's eldest son) was elected as the new Pastor of Greater Bible Way Temple of Bay City.

Mortgage Burning Service at Greater Bible Way Temple 10/16/16

2016 - Present

To complete the work started by his father, Pastor Phillip Johnson took the reigns and sought to build upon the strong foundation left in place by Bishop Rader Johnson. Pastor Phil finished out 2016 with the legacy members of Greater Bible Way Temple and on January 1, 2017, Greater Bible Way Temple was relaunched as Apostolic Life Church of Bay City.

ALC is a multi-generational, multicultural family church, in the Apostolic Pentecostal tradition. Deeply rooted in our local community, we've dubbed ourselves the "Champions of Change," as we work to effectuate change in the lives of the hurting, the broken, the lost and disenfranchised.

What is Life all about

why we exist

We exist as a ministry because we passionately believe in the life changing power of the Gospel of Jesus Christ to change lives. We exist to deliver that message to as many people in Bay County and surrounding areas.


Our mission is to spiritually transform the Great Lakes Bay Region, by the power of Jesus.

How we achieve our mission

To achieve our mission of spiritual transformation of our region, we commit to promoting the Gospel of Jesus through effective preaching, relevant teaching for discipleship, and a comprehensive local outreach strategy.

what is our vision

It is our vision to be a church where the hurting, broken, lost, confused; the addicted, the abused, the depressed and the forgotten can find hope, healing, deliverance and salvation through the power of Jesus


It is our vision to share the good news of the Gospel message with thousands of people across the Great Lakes Bay Region, ministering to the un-churched, as well as the under-churched


It is our vision to build a church where every week, 2,000 people gather to worship together, learn together, serve together and grow together, in the Apostolic, Pentecostal tradition


It is our vision to train and develop capable, Apostolic disciples of Christ as leaders to go into the world and fulfill the Apostolic purpose of God for their lives


It is our vision to baptize 5,000 people in Jesus’ name, for the remission of sins. Moreover, to help at least 3,000 people receive the Holy Spirit, with the evidence of speaking in tongues


It is our vision of thousands of square feet of building space to accommodate the thousands of people who will attend church services weekly. Moreover, space to accommodate Life Counseling Services, Life Community Wellness Center (including a gymnasium), and Life’s Little Lessons Daycare and Learning Center. Additionally, space for parenting classes, children’s ministry, young adult activities and general community offerings, including a food pantry, clothing closet, and other resources valuable to our region, consistent with the delivery of our mission


It is our vision of multiple ALC campuses, scattered in key cities across mid/central/northern Michigan, taking the Apostolic message to areas currently underserved


It is our vision to be a well-respected community church, recognized in the region for our Apostolic distinction, community care, integrity and steady pursuit of our mission

what are Our Values

·       A commitment to the Apostolic Doctrine

·       Promotion of the Gospel of Jesus Christ

·       An exemplary lifestyle of Holiness

·       Outreach underscored by the Love of God

·       Servant Leadership

·       Family Focused, Christ Centered

·       Champions of Change

What We Believe

The basic and fundamental doctrine of Apostolic Life is the Bible standard of full salvation, which is repentance, baptism in water by immersion in the name of the Lord Jesus Christ for the remission of sins, and the baptism of the Holy Spirit with the initial sign of speaking with other tongues as the Spirit gives utterance (Acts 2:1-4, 37-39). Furthermore, our basic doctrine includes a fundamental belief in the oneness of the Godhead in Christ Jesus.