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Fight for the Family Series

Watch all fifteen (15) lessons in this consequential teaching on the family

Fight for the Family Series

Taught by Various Teacher

#1: build that wall! - Pastor Phil

#2: fight for the family -Pastor phil

#3: breaking dysfunction cycles and generational curses - pastor phil

#4: mental health matters - lady amber johnson, lpc.

#5: marriage matters- pastor phil

#6: trouble in paradise - pastor phil

#7: adverse childhood experiences and parenting - ericka booker lpc.

#8: biblical parenting strategies - pastor phil

#9: welcome home - pastor phil

#10: family under demonic attack - pastor phil

#11: five love languages - ryan and alysia berthiaume

#12: behind closed doors - pastor phil

#13: familial spiritual warfare - pastor Phil

#14: money matters - kristen tate (wanigas credit union) / ryan booker-tithing

#15- Stir your nest (final series message) -Pastor Phil